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Learn Online

I have a selection on art and creativity focused courses provided online from my course platform or via video courses hosted on Skillshare.  These enable you to work at your own pace and at your convenience. The current course selection includes:

  • Learn How to Channel Your Intuitive Wisdom
  • Intuitive Development For Writers
  • 6 Fun Creative Writing Hacks
  • Creative Gremlins
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I add new courses on a regular basis so subscribe here to jump start your creativity with 21 days of daily illustrated inspiration for your writing or art.

Creative Consulting

Creative Consulting

I work from the basis we all have a creative urge that needs to be expressed, whether through our professional endeavors or personally. If we can or lucky enough to get paid for it that’s great, but it NEEDS to be expressed.

Sometimes, however, we feel like it can’t be released – and that’s where I can help you. It’s a simple as that.

But does it work?

Absolutely! Like many others my schedule is packed – I’m a full time mum, writer, creative-consultant, entrepreneur, and avid dabbling artist; and the same is true for my clients.  The only way we can achieve this is to be productive and limit waste of our most precious resource – time!

If you would like me help you just book a session with me.