Illustration by Angie Noll

When we emigrated from South Africa to New Zealand, we decided that we would only bring with us that which could fit into a box. No furniture, big toys or bookshelves. (I just have to say that I had a truly lovely set of bookshelves. Little boxes in mahogany wood, with a ladder!)

bookshelfI still regret not bringing my awesome bookshelves with me, but the contents of those bookshelves could most definitely fit into boxes, and so I hauled over thirty boxes halfway across the world with me. (About three quarters of the boxes that we packed up to bring with us was books. Mostly mine, since my partner reads e-books on his cellphone.)

Illustrated books3smallAmongst all these books there wasn’t a single graphic novel, and whenever my partner – a huge fan of Asterix, or my Dad, who grew up on the German Max and Moritz cartoons, would suggest I try a graphic novel, I scoffed. Pictures are for kids, not big people. I read words.

But last month I read Hildafolk, by Luke Pearson, for my youngest and I was hooked. The illustrations! They said so much more than mere words could! I felt like such a traitor turning my back on words like that, but… they were good!

Then I read Relish, by Lucy Knisley, and I promise, I’ll never scoff at the idea of graphic novels again. (Maybe at Anime books though… but who knows, I have yet to try one.)

So if you’re looking for something entertaining to read over the holidays, I can highly recommend the following:

  • Hildafolk, by Luke Pearson
  • Relish, by Lucy Knisley
  • Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi
  • Maus, by Art Spiegelman
  • Book Yourself Solid, by Michael Port (the illustrated version)
  • There Is No Right Way To Meditate, by Yumi Sakugawa (she has others as well.)

My list is still short, because I’m only just discovering this genre, but if you’re an avid graphic novel reader, then please share some of your favourites with us in the comments;-)

Your takeaway from this article

Challenge yourself these holidays to read one book from a genre that you  never read in. Who knows… a whole new world of reading might open up to you!

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