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Michelle Green’s passion for the sweeter things in life led her to establish a business teaching others how to grow their sweet food businesses. She does this through her book “The Business of Baking”, live classes that she holds worldwide and her online course called “Build your profitable cake business.”

How it all started…

MicheleGreenPodPhotoWhen Michelle started her baking business, she didn’t know much about running a business, but she was determined to learn. Using books, short courses and anything else she could get hands on, Michelle taught herself everything that she knows now about running a cake business. For a small sample, you can hop to over to her website and subscribe to receive “100 Ways to Market your Cake business”. (I’ve downloaded it, and it’s an excellent list  that can be adapted to just about any creative business.)

Here’s the link:


How does she do it all?

If there was ever a busy woman, Michelle is it. She’s a chef, cake decorator, writer, mentor, mom, entrepreneur and podcaster. In the show Michelle tells us how she manages to do it all and still stay sane;-) Here are two of Michelle’s top time saving tips:

  • Learn to work faster
  • Own the fact that you are the master of your time

During our talk, Michelle mentioned some great books and websites.

Here they are:

  • http://www.sweetsugarbean.com/
  • All the sweet things, by Renee Kohlman
  • Community, Salad Recipes from Arthur street, by Hetty McKinnon
  • Podcast: How I built this, by Guy Raz.






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