Do you remember the Duracell bunny adverts? They all consisted of bunnies (or other animals with the Duracell bunny) engaged in various activities, and the bunny with the Duracell battery always outlasted the other animals. It had visibly higher energy and it just carried on while the other characters in the adverts faded out one by one.

I’m convinced that the character for the Duracell bunny was based on Lisa Reinicke. She is a ball of pure energy, and an absolute pleasure to talk to! It’s no wonder one of her motto’s with regards to writing and publishing children’s books is “failure is not an option. Be persistent.”

LisaReinicke-PodPhotoNot only is Lisa an actively engaged grandmother, but she also works full time in her other business, the Automotive Warranty Network, which took her years to establish, and in Our House Properties. It’s no wonder she feels like the Duracell bunny – one would have to be in order to keep up such a frenetic pace. And through it all, Lisa is happy and radiates positivity.


Lisa’s words of wisdom:

  • Listen to others, but know that they’re not always right, even those in authority. Learn to trust your gut feel.
  • Do your own research before making decisions.
  • If you make a mistake, pick yourself and dust yourself off. Try again.


You can find Lisa and her books here:

Football Flyboy Cover sml

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