I’m Angie, and I’m passionate about writing, creativity and especially how to use these tools to enhance our lives.

What do I do?

I write books and stories for children, and blogs about life and creativity in general, and when I’m not writing, I paint and draw. I also keep many journals, from art journals to daily writing diaries and nature sketchbooks. You can view some of my sketchbooks here.

Often, I’ll simply write about the things that I try, that I think about and that seem to be more effective than others when it comes to creativity. For me, at least. Maybe they will work for you too. My blogs appear in various places on the net, but you can Read some of my blogs here.

I teach online writing and art courses, and help others with their creativity through my fun, relaxed creative consulting sessions. Find out more about online learning here.

What else do I do?

I’m a mother to two girls, and a partner to an awesome I.T. whizz, without whom I would have no internet presence at all. Seriously… I would be happy writing and painting in isolation and no one would ever know about me;-)

To stay sane and balanced, I do yoga and some form of cardiovascular exercise on most days. And I love being at the beach, usually with the children, or exploring the forests that surround me in Auckland, New Zealand. But, really, it’s the beach I love most;-)

What I don’t do very well is cook…. housework….I.T. stuff….handwriting fonts….gardening…staying up late at night….horses…. Facebook…;-)